Spot Treatments

Only have a certain area bothering you?  Lay down on our comforting massage table and have a technician hit a certain area for you without having to get in the sauna machine.





Infrared Sauna

 Infrared Saunas are used for helping with increasing cardiovascular health and detoxifying the body.  They are different from traditional saunas in that they use infrared light to penetrate up to 3 inches into the body to break up the toxins and heavy metals that are stored in your adipose tissue and expel them through sweat.  It has also been used by NASA for cardiovascular benefits. 

Wrinkle Reduction 

Our spot machine, when isolated on the face, doubles as a wrinkle reducer.  As your face is cooled it acts as a natural collagen restorer.  The same can be done to any other area on the body for stretch marks.

Full Body Cryotherapy

Stand in one of our whole body cryotherapy machines. While your body gets engulfed by liquid nitrogen the healing process starts, soreness is reduced, pain is relieved and endorphins are released.  To top it off you burn some extra calories in the process.